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Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find.

GAMMA COMPUTERS is a company specialized in the import, distribution, service and maintenance of all computer products and related accessories.

Established in 1997, GAMMA COMPUTERS started as a small computer retail and service company and then progressed and evoluated to become one of the major players in the Lebanese computer wholesale market. Its partnership with the leading worldwide brands provided GAMMA COMPUTERS with the tools to reach its current leader position.

GAMMA COMPUTERS will Import, Assemble, Program, Deliver, Install, Service and Maintain your computer system or notebook on site, whether you are a regular home user or a small, medium or large corporation, belonging to both private and public sectors.

Purchase and logistics division responsible for products sourcing, market study and purchasing of all computer related products mainly from the Far East and the US markets.

Wholesale division whose main target is to deliver our products to local computer resellers and showrooms, creating and keeping excellent relations and long term partnerships with our wholesale clients.

Retail division handles the direct sales from individual home users to large sized corporations.

Computer Workshop responsible for assembling, programming and preparing new machines for delivery and servicing software and hardware for all types of computers.

Electronic Workshop takes care of all electronic problems for Monitors, LCDs, Notebooks, UPS or any electronic malfunctioning device for both Retail and Wholesale clients. Both workshops are responsible for testing and repairing any returned RMA product before exchanging it for the client or re-exporting it to supplier.

On-site Service Department responsible for all support calls, On-site and Back to base repairs. Installs and maintains all types of computers, printers, scanners, plotters and peripherals.

Cabling and Networking Department: Installs and maintains all types of UTP cabled, fiber optics and wireless Local Area Networks. Highly equiped with tools to diagnose and solve problems.

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