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Laptop AC Adapter - IBM Compatible Charger 16V, 7.5A 120W
- Warranty: 1/m
- Condition: New
- Type: Charger
- Price: 35$ - Plus.VAT
- Product Details:
Laptop AC Adapter - IBM Compatible Charger 16V, 7.5A 120W

FOR 02K7092 02K7091 02K7096 02K7095 22P9150 02K7086 02K7090 02K7088 02K7094 PA-1121-071 02K7085 02K7091 FRU 02K7086 02K7092 22P9150 22P9151 22P9152 22P9153 22P9154 22P9155 22P9156 22P9157 22P9158 22P9159 22P9160 and 22P9161
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